Monday, September 24, 2012

5 Camera Shots

1. Over the Shoulder - Wide Shot:
This is camera angle is over the shoulder because the main focus of the picture is displayed over the shoulder of the one boy. Along with that the sleeping boy is in a wide shot because of the distance between him and the camera. 

2. Very Wide Shot:
This camera angle is a very wide shot because the subjet is Starbucks. It is clearly visible but the environment around the Starbucks is in the shot therefor making is a very wide shot. 

3. Long Shot:
This picture is a long shot because the entire body, head to toe,  is in the shot. There is enough of head room to make the picture proportionate and the main focus is placed in the center of the photo.  

4. Medium Close Up:
This shot is a medium close up because the body parts that appear in the picture are above the ribs and show the shoulders. It's a shot that capture the faces and expressions without getting too close to the actual faces. 

5: Three-Quarters Shot:
This is a  3/4 shot because the hands are in the picture and only 3/4 of the body was photographed. Along with the long shot, there is enough head room in this shot and the subject is centered. 

It was nice to be able to see the different camera shots be done in class. I'm the type of learner that needs to see to fully grasp the concept. 

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